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Our Services

Thought Leadership Writing

We understand that helping a business or being in any CXO position comes with a lot of work and responsibilities, leaving you with little time for writing. But then you are the person whose thoughts the world is waiting to hear because you inspire and motivate others. Here’s where Kosh Ventures steps in. You can tell us what you would like to share with those who want to read you and look up to you. And we will write it all out effectively, engagingly and simply for your readers and followers. 

Press Releases Writing

A press release creates an indelible impact on the mind of your business partners, customers and clients. A well-written press release can convey accurately the best of your plans and products, leading the readers to press the action button. We avoid the use of jargon and explain technical terms in a simple language so that your press release is carried in print, electronic as well as digital media.

Website Content Writing

You offer the best of services with world-class processes and excellent impact. But if your website does not use the right content to tell the audience what you offer, it will always be difficult to get noticed and expand your customer base. Kosh Ventures curates content that creates a bond with your website visitors and converts visits into business.

Social Media Content Writing

Social media is one of the most effective ways to engage with followers, potential customers and even investors. Before buying a product, users now often look up the social media handles of the company to understand its value, leanings, ethics and, of course, products. A good social media strategy begins with excellent content and we are here to help you with it. 

Product Description Writing

Easy as it may sound, but the toughest part of marketing a product is describing it right! From organic shower gels to ecofriendly tote bags, Kosh’s team of creative writers weaves magic with text. We make technical terms easy to create an outstanding description for products. Our words strike the right chord with your potential customers, nudging them to explore more. 

Newsletter/Emailer Writing

If there’s one thing you regularly need to do for retaining your customers or clients, it is to let them know what you are up to! Daily, weekly or monthly newsletters or e-mailers are an excellent way to keep everyone in the loop and create a continuous buzz around your brand and products.